If you have questions, comments, or other information you are welcome to contact the appropriate person listed below.

President - general Association questions
Jon Rhan(Wolfersberger),
New Hampshire, Email: jon.rhan@gmail.com

Vice President and Historian - general queries
Charlotte Lucas (Wolfenbarger), Oklahoma. Email: wolfenbargers@yahoo.com

Vice President of International Relations Rudi Wolfensberger, Switzerland. Email: RAWolfensberger@bluewin.ch

Immediate Past President W. Frank Wolfenbarger, Texas. Email: wfw8bmw@tx.rr.com

Secretary and Historian - historical queries and general Association questions
Myrna B. Liddell (Wolfinbarger), Washington. Email: myrnabl@whidbey.com

Treasurer - financial questions
Barbara Snavely(Wolfersberger), New Jersey. Email: banklaw200@aol.com

Membership - membership questions
Donna Redmond(Wolfenbarger), Virginia. Email: donna.redmond@yahoo.com

Newsletter Editor - Jon Rhan (Wolfersberger) New Hampshire, Email: jon.rhan@gmail.com